Edinburgh Eight Steps

Eight Steps To A Better Fringe: Q4

Published on Sunday 28 July 2019

This summer we are asking some of our favourite Fringe people to offer their advice – sometimes sensible, sometimes silly – for getting the most out of the Edinburgh Festival in eight steps, by answering out eight quick quiz questions. Here are the answers to question four…

What things do you think should be on every Fringe-goers Edinburgh Festival bucket list?

Eric Lampaert: Something new. A totally random experience that you force yourself to enjoy. So even if it’s crap, you make yourself enjoy the moment.

Ed Night: Take a chance on something. Not like go into a show completely blind, but maybe a lesser known performer or company that fits the remit of what you wanna see.

Scream Phone: If you’re feeling adventurous climb Arthur’s Seat! The views are INCREDIBLE!

Natano Fa’anana: Climb Arthurs Seat at sunrise. There are also cafes and hairdressers and schools that have been converted into performance spaces for the Festival. So check out a show in one of those and get a bit of variety. Have a real Haggis meal with the locals and, of course, watch a Casus show!

Naomi McDonald: The Pleasance Courtyard has the best vibe, even if you’re just having a beer there. And Tingthai Caravan for a dreamy dinner made up of noodle-curry-heavenliness.

James Rowland: Arthur’s Seat, watching shows in Summerhall and also watching something weird and terrible in a basement because you happened to be walking past.

Samantha Pressdee: Climb Arthur’s seat (though I still haven’t got around to it!) Go see the Military Tattoo (though again, still not ticked off on my list!) Gatecrash an industry party (I have done this!)

Ian Smith: Getting in a good position to see the fireworks going off from the castle at the end of the day.

The Thinking Drinkers: ‘Thinking Drinkers: Heroes Of Hooch’. Seriously, it’s the best show up here. It got five stars from “Out of 100” Magazine. Other than that, we always check out the brilliant Tony Law – just to make sure he’s doing OK.

Tanya Agarwal: Mosque Kitchen is by far the best food experience in Edinburgh – don’t miss out!

Just These Please: In our opinion, no Fringe is complete without seeing NewsRevue, Abandoman and Lucy Porter.

Andy Field: Everyone visiting the Fringe should enthusiastically take part in one of the silent disco walking tours and also find time to watch other people take part and furiously resent them. Only then can we truly understand the duality of human nature and, ultimately, the meaning of life.

Julia Croft: The karaoke at Frankensteins, the Summerhall Courtyard, seeing at least one show that makes you cry, going up to your new art crush when you see them on the street and embarrassing yourself with your over excited fan-girling over their work.

Oliver Forsyth: Couple of years back we climbed onto the roof of the union and hugged the dome. While that was obviously quite stupid, it also felt like a tick in the box. Don’t tell The Pleasance though, they’ll be fuming.

Susan Harrison: Going to see a Free Fringe show, having breakfast at City Cafe, dodging flyerers on the Meadows and sitting under some kind of awning in the pouring rain nursing a pint and thinking about that experimental disturbing piece of theatre you just saw.

John-Luke Roberts: If you always see comedy, go to some cabaret, or theatre, or performance art, or dance. Your bucket list should be the things you don’t normally do. Also, it’s a bit weird calling it a bucket list because that sounds like you die at the end of the month!

Robyn Perkins: Arthur’s Seat, ‘Mating Selection’, Oink the hog roast place, a circus show, ‘Mating Selection’, the Gilded Balloon Library Bar, ‘Mating Selection’, and a tour of Real Mary Queen’s Close.

Al Samuels: Get to a proper pub and hear some good Scottish musicians play. Civernos pizza slices are amazing. And climb Arthur’s Seat – such a beautiful, yeah, I’ve already done that one.

James McNicholas: Anything except “walk up Arthur’s Seat”. Everyone bangs on about walking up Arthur’s Seat, but honestly who in God’s name wants to do that on a hangover? Forget about it, get on with your lives.

Jordan & Skinner: See some international stuff. Anything from traditional music to dance or plays from other countries. The WORLD is in town so don’t just see UK stuff, or European stuff, or Western stuff. Get out there! Also, I’ve always wanted to do that walking tour with the Silent Disco. So do that too!

Micky Overman: Take a punt. You haven’t had a complete Fringe experience until you’ve taken a chance on something. Either it’s good and you’re happy you went, or it’s bad and you’ll be happy you went because those are the ones you remember and reminisce about with your friends.

Sukh Ojla: Listen to The Blueswater play the blues at The Jazz Bar, eat at Ciao Roma and get lost down on a cobbled side street.

Chelsea McGuffin: Mmmmm…. Experience it like you will never come back again. The madness might get you…

Alex Gwyther: Make connections with people that last after the Fringe.

Joz Norris: Make sure you have a total nervous breakdown at some point. You’re really not doing it right if that doesn’t happen. Also try to wake up in a toilet about halfway through the month, that’s happened with an alarming regularity to me.