Meet the Edinburgh Fringe people

We get insights from the people that make the Edinburgh Festival happen

At Edinburgh Festival 2018 we caught up with a whole host of people working behind the scenes at the Edinburgh Festival, including producers, directors, stage managers, designers, publicists, venue owners and award organisers – plus a bunch of performers too – to find out about their careers and to get tips galore on doing the Fringe and pursuing a career in theatre, comedy or the wider cultural industries. You can check out all the interviews here below.

We also took all the top tips from those interviews to create a TW:DIY Guide To Doing the Edinburgh Fringe which you can read here.

The Lighting Designer: Attila Lenzsér
The Playwright: Roxy Dunn
The Producer: Kate Taylor
The Designer: Russell Dean from Strangeface Theatre
The Comedy Promoter: Brett Vincent from Get Comedy
The Director: Emma Jordan from Prime Cut
The Venue Directors: Anthony Alderson from Pleasance
The Site-Specific Show: Alison Pollard-Mansergh from Interactive Theatre International
The Venue Press Officer: Jen McGowan
The Venue Directors: The team from Paradise Green
The Venue Directors: Ed Bartlam and Charlie Wood from Underbelly
The Award Producers: Jo Crowley and Becki Haines from the Total Theatre Awards
The Award Producers: Hils Jago from Amused Moose
The Signed Show: Dean Penn from Hit The Mark Theatre
The Venue Directors: Esmée Cook and Katrina Woolley from Bedlam Fringe
The Venue Directors: Charles Pamment from theSpaceUK
The Venue Directors: Darren Neale and Tara Stapleton from Greenside
The Producer: James Seabright
The Street Performer: Paul Nathan
The Stage Manager: Gemma Scott
The Venue Directors: James Mackenzie from ZOO Venues
The Venue Directors: JD Henshaw from Sweet Venues
The Production Manager: Giles Moss from theSpaceUK
The Free Fringe Performer: Nick Doody
The Publicist: Madelaine Bennett from Premier
The Editor: Caro Moses from ThreeWeeks